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1903-A3 Rifle


Since 1994, imports of all U.S. made curios and relics have been banned. For over 12 years, every major firearms importer and their fleet of high-powered lobbyists have tried, and failed to overturn the ban. Since 2001, the 'Pro-Gun' Bush Administration and 'Pro-Gun' Republican Congress have done nothing to overturn this ban. Now, with San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein running the Senate Judiciary Committee, that ban is sure to stay. Despite this, The Old Western Scrounger has managed to obtain the very last inventory of original M1903-A3 rifles, receivers and bolts anywhere. There are no other quantities to be had, this is it. Please contact Aim Surplus or Centerfire Systems to order.

Original Smith Corona 1903A3

These beautiful Rifles have been 100% professionally refurbished using new 2-groove barrels and beautiful walnut replica "C" stocks, .30-06. While supplies last.
MSRP - $999. FFL required for purchase.

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