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Historical Remakes

Past Production Rifles


The following are past production rifles and carbines Gibbs Rifle Company, Inc. manufactured up until 2004. Please note that these rifles are NO LONGER in production and NO LONGER in stock. We DO NOT have parts or accessories for these firearms.


The genealogy of a Gibbs Historical Remake reads like a Who’s Who of military history: Mauser, Enfield, Springfield...the list goes on. Gibbs begins with an original barreled action and remakes it into a unique collectible rifle - unobtainable outside of most collections. Each remake authentically replicates the original in nearly every way. These rifles retain all the mystique of the originals, plus provide outstanding performance.

When British and Commonwealth Jungle fighters needed a fast handling carbine for extreme conditions, they created the “Jungle Carbine”. Developed in 1944, the No. 5 was based on the sturdy and accurate No. 4 action, and chambered for the venerable .303 cartridge. Each No. 5 starts out as a hand selected No. 4 Enfield barreled action. It is cleaned, inspected and refurbished, then mated to a new modern manufactured stock. A flash hider with bayonet lug is added to recreate the original dimensions. This improves accuracy and eliminates the fabled “wandering zero”, so they outperform even the originals. The No. 5 Jungle Carbine’s lightweight, rugged construction, and fast handling have made it a favorite of collectors, guides and sportsmen worldwide for over 50 years. Peep rear sight. Will accept all No. 4 Enfield “no-gunsmithing” type mounts. Weight - 7 3/4lbs, Bbl Length - 20”, OAL - 40” Cal - .303 British.

Originally an extremely rare experimental design, the Australians designed the No. 7 for their jungle fighters in Burma. Now Gibbs Rifle Company has recreated this carbine using the modern, stronger 2A barreled action made from chrome vanadium steel. Chambered for the popular .308 Winchester, each No. 7 starts out as a hand selected, barreled 2A action, and is then cleaned, inspected and refurbished. The original wood is retained and reconfigured, and a flash hider with a bayonet lug has been added to recreate the original Jungle Carbine dimensions. The No. 7 Jungle Carbine is a short, powerful carbine, perfect for today’s collector, shooter and sportsman. Weight - 8 lbs., Bbl Length - 20”, OAL - 40”, Cal - .308 Winchester.

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